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CEO-Cav.Lorenzo Michele Di Donato

  Mr.Mike Di Donato

Lorenzo Michele (Mike) Di Donato is the company founder and president of the Faema Canada., He immigrated to Canada in late 1956, originally hailing from San Nicola Baronia, Italy.

His initial goal in Canada was to make some money and return to Italy to start his own contracting company.

During early years Government assistance for new immigrants was very minimal, compared to what it is today.

Thousands of new Italian immigrants were struggling to get a job, felt homesick and desired to have real Italian food.

That's when Mr. Di Donato realized the potential in this new country. The concept of coffee bars, pizza, pasta gelato was completely new here and most of Canadians did not know what an espresso coffee was..

Mr. Di Donato had his initial experience with coffee machines from his mom, who owned a coffee store in Italy. This intuition and experience brought him the idea of introducing the real Italian food and espresso culture here in Canada.

He opened his first coffee store which had also an in-store restaurant named "Caff'e San Marco on St.Clair in Toronto in 1957 and in the same year he started importing in Canada the first coffee machines manufactured in Italy. The name of his store was derived from the Italian company which produced the coffee machines "La San Marco".

The outcome was an immediate success. The Italian immigrants found not only the real taste of espresso but also the genuine taste of Italian food. This attracted also local Canadian customers in short period of time.

Few years later Mr. Di Donato sold the Caff'e San Marco and bought a restaurant in downtown Toronto, which is called 'Lorenzo's which is still into existence. . In 1962 Mr. Di Donato started importing the first Faema coffee machines and bar equipment from Italy introducing Faema in Canada.

The name Faema is an abbreviation of "Fabbrica Articoli Elettrodomestici Meccanici Affini ", was founded in 1945 by Carlo Ernesto Valente and is sited in Lambrate (Milan),Italy. Among the first line of products, the "President model" completely revolutionized the way of making coffee. In addition it also had the very best coffee blends coming straight from Italy.

Soon the popularity increased among Canadian restaurants and Feama coffee machine turned out to be an house- hold name in the market, this lead Faema Canada to become the sole agent all over the country.


In 1992 Mr. Di Donato received the Award of "Super star" for the 30 years of excellence in the business from the second owner of the company Engineer Mr.Gamboni.

In 2008 he was awarded an honor of "Knight of the Italian Republic" from the Italian president Giorgio Napolitano.

Today Mr. Di Donato is very proud of his achievements during all these years. He is thankful to his wife Dora, his four sons, and all the employees who are working towards the success of Faema Canada.